Information on MISHOP activities


Grant Project for assisting Home-Stay

Description of Activities

MISHOP extends a grant to a host family that provides a home-stay service where
Japanese and foreign citizens can be in direct contact with their respective cultures and develop multicultural understanding. For those programs sponsored by MISHOP which necessitate providing a home-stay
service for people from abroad, MISHOP will bear a part of the expenses
incurred by the service.

The amount of the subsidy is set at 2000 yen per person per day.(There is
a limit to the number of days applicable to the subsidy.)
Those who wish to apply for the subsidy are to fill in Form No.1 – Application
for MISHOP Grant for Home-Stay Service--and submit it to the MISHOP Office.

You can access a description of the MISHOP Grant for Home-Stay Service here.

Summary of MISHOP Grant for providing (PDF 26KB)

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