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Disaster Prevention Drill


 Date: 2016/11/6 (Sun)  10:00-12:00
 Place: Nakahara Elementary School


Be Prepared and Have no Regrets
Disaster Prevention Training

Mitaka will be running disaster prevention training. No reservation necessary.
English, Chinese and Korean interpreters will be available.

Date/Time: November 6 (Sun) 10:00-12:00

Full-scale Disaster Prevention Drill will take place at Nakahara Elementary School.

It is always useful to be prepared.
Good opportunity to get to know about Emergency.

Should a massive disaster occur in Tokyo, including Mitaka, it is expected that internationals will have difficulties acquiring information about finding shelters or their use, due to limited Japanese language ability and a lack of knowledge of the area or dealing with disasters.
When a disaster occurs, MISHOP will provides support for internationals (foreign residents) by setting up a Disaster Support Program Center for International at the MISHOP office and lobby in cooperation with Mitaka City.

Place: Nakahara Elementary School (Mitaka Shiritsu Nakahara Shogakko)
(Nakahara2-12-13, Mitaka City)

Training, etc. details:
(1)experience/explanation of medical treatment when a disaster occurs;
(2)operation of evacuation centers;
(3)collecting information on those requiring assistance;
(4)slings and bandages;
(6)smoke simulator;
(7)firefighting when a fire first breaks out;
(8)rope tying;
(9)bucket relay;
(10)transporting people using wheelchairs and stretchers.
(11)emergency vehicle


Please refer to the MISHOP Miscellany vol.46 for the details.↓

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