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Outdoor Lounge "Cherry Blossom Viewing


 Date: 2018/4/3 (Tue)  10:00~14:00
 Place: Musasino-no-mori Garden


Outdoor Lounge Let's enjoy cherry blossom viewing with MISHOP members.
Date : Tuesday, April 3rd, 10:00 a.m.-
Place: Musashino-no-mori Garden
Participants: MISHOP members and internationals
Cost: Free (transportation paid for by participants)
What to bring: A lunch box and a picnic blanket
Meeting place:
1.9:45 MISHOP
2.10:00 Mitaka Station No.6 Bus Stop
3.11:00 Shiraitodai Bus stop
Application: In person or by phone
(Tell which gathering point you will go to)
*Cancelled in case of rain(decided 8:30 on the day;
please check MISHOP website)
*No Japanese Lounge or English Lounge on the day. But these two Lounge groups will be held if it rains and this tour is cancelled.

Outdoor Lounge

Application for Participation

Those who wish to participate are asked to apply by clicking the link below

Application for Participation

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