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Assistance to Foreign Residents

Children’s Classroom

MISHOP provides the children’s classroom program to support the school life of students who have multinational backgrounds and need Japanese language support.

■For who
This class is for students who attend public elementary and junior high schools in Mitaka, have multicultural backgrounds, and are having difficulty in their schools due to their lack of Japanese language proficiency.

Every Saturday afternoon

■What We Do
The purpose of this class is to 1) improve Japanese language skills, and 2) help with the understanding of school subjects such as math, social studies etc.
When we say ‘to improve Japanese language skills," it means to cultivate the ability to achieve daily basic communication.
And ‘to help with the understanding of school subject" means to help students develop their academic language proficiency. To do this, we do not just work to improve language skills, we also encourage students to think and study using the Japanese language. We also help students study those subjects for which they need support.


Please inquire directly at the office of the Mitaka International Society for Hospitality (MISHOP).

Scheduled Activities

2023/12/16 (Sat)  Class for Children
2023/12/16 (Sat)  Class for Children