Information on Volunteer Activities

The activities of MISHOP are supported by its volunteer members. To coordinate those activities, ensure the smooth management of MISHOP, and actively incorporate citizens' views for promoting them, committees of volunteer members have been organized. Any member of MISHOP may participate in these if they wish to do so.

There are four functioning Groups: Events, Multicultural Education, Support and Services, Public Relations. These groups underpin all planning and implementation of events and programs.

In addition to the above committees, MISHOP volunteer members are involved in many ways in every program and event. MISHOP welcomes your participation in any event that interests you!

Multicultural Education Committee This committee serves the citizens of Mitaka by developing international viewpoints and promoting better understanding among people.
Events Committee This committee oversees all the activities and services necessary for foreign residents experience international exchange at a personal level.
Support and Services Committee This committee plans and implements supportive activities to ensure that foreign residents can live in safety and comfort in the community.
Planning and Public Relations Committee This committee carries out PR activities for MISHOP as well as providing useful information to help the community become more internationalized.
Volunteers to manage various events These volunteers are in charge of planning and managing various events organized by MISHOP.
Committee for MISHOP WORLD Festival (special committee) This committee plans and carries out the MISHOP World International Exchange Festival held every autumn. It is a special committee usually established from April to October.
Language Support Volunteers who have expert knowledge are sent to schools for those students who have transferred to the city schools from other countries. These volunteers help the students learn Japanese and assist them in their study, This is done at the request of the Mitaka School Board.
Volunteer Interpretor/Translator Service This service provides interpretation and translation volunteers for internationals (foreign residents) with insufficient Japanese ability, assisting them in following procedures at the city hall, or in reading and understanding handouts at meetings for guardians in elementary or junior high schools.
LLJ (Let's Learn Japanese) Japanese language volunteers provide one-on-one Japanese lessons for foreign residents who need to learn the language.
Volunteer translators for the MISHOP homepage Volunteers translate the MISHOP homepages into other languages including English, Korean, and Chinese.

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