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Assistance to Foreign Residents
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Not a few foreign residents in Mitaka might feel uncomfortable in daily life due to language barriers or a lack of knowledge about the local culture and customs.
MISHOP helps all our foreign residents live safely and comfortably through various programs in cooperation with our volunteers. Please don’t hesitate to drop by MISHOP, when you need help in solving problems with Japanese language, issues in daily life, or anything else you are confronted with.

Consultation on Daily Living for Non-Japanese
Consultations on Daily Living for Non-Japanese are provided to make the lives of non-Japanese citizens in the community secure and comfortable.
Japanese Language Classes
Classes for Learning Japanese Language by volunteers will be available to support foreign residents in learning Japanese.
Children’s Classroom
MISHOP provides the children’s classroom program to support the school life of students who have multinational backgrounds and need Japanese language support.
Language Support
At the request of the Mitaka School Board, MISHOP dispatches trained volunteers to offer support for students transferring into local elementary and junior high schools from other countries.
Upskilling for Japanese Language Volunteers
For the upskilling and activation of volunteer language instructors assisting foreign residents, lectures on relevant topics are held.
Voluntary Interpreter/Translator Services
Volunteer interpreting ∕ translating services are offered for foreign residents who are having difficulty with procedures at the Municipal Office because they do not speak Japanese well, or with understanding communications from schools in the city.
Disaster Support Program Center for Internationals
MISHOP will provides support for internationals (foreign residents) by setting up a Disaster Support Program Center for International at the MISHOP office and lobby in cooperation with Mitaka City.
One-on-one Tutoring in Japanese Language (LLJ)
Japanese volunteers provide personal language instruction support for foreign residents who need to learn Japanese.