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Daily Life of Foreign Citizens

mark Japan National Tourism Organization
mark Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents
mark Cabinet Office, Government of Japan / Portal Site on Policies for Foreign Residents
mark Tokyo international communication committee
mark Free Consultation for Foreign Residents
mark Consultation/information services for foreign residents
mark Information Table of The Foreigners Help Center Map
mark Tokyo Metropolitan Education Consultation Center
mark tokyo english life line
mark Legal Counselling Center
mark (Law Terras)
mark Human Rights Counseling offices For Foreigners
mark Tokyo metropolitan medical Institution Information
mark hellowork Mitaka
mark (Tokyo Hataraku Net)
mark Tokyo Emplyment Service Center for Foreigners
mark Immigration Bureau
mark Immigration Bureau (Tetsuzuki)
mark Immigration Bureau /Information Center
mark JR East Info Line, East Japan Railway Company
mark Kanagawa International Foundation / Multilingual Medical Questionnaire
mark Ministry of education,culture,sports,science and technology / Children Living Abroad and Returnees Internet
mark Japan Operation System of Emergency information for Foreigners
mark Multilingual Living Information (CLAIR)
mark Orientation Guidebook (CLAIR)
mark Institute for fire safety & Disaster preparedness / Disaster-prevention guide
mark National Diet Library
mark Tokyo Metropolitan Library
mark Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
mark Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB)
mark The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching

Mitaka City & Related Things

mark Mitaka Municipal office
mark (Mitaka Kosodate-net)
mark Mitaka City Sports and Culture Foundation
mark Ghibli Museum,Mitaka
mark Dazai Osamu Literary Salon
mark Yuzo Yamamoto Memorial Museum
mark The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan
mark (Mitaka City Shogai-gakushu info system)
mark Mitaka City Public Library
mark Mitaka Network University
mark Mitaka Town Management Organization
mark Mitaka Collaboration Center
mark Mitaka-City Tourism Association
mark Mitaka Navi
mark The Mitaka Chamber of commerce and industry
mark Junior chamber International Mitaka
mark Tokyo Mitaka Rotary Club
mark Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Tokyo Musashi
mark Mure-Community Center
mark Iguti-Community Center
mark Inokashira-Community Center
mark Shinkawa Nakahara Community Center
mark Renjyaku-Community Center
mark Ekimae-Community Center
mark Osawa-Community Center
mark Mitaka City Assembly
mark Mitaka Police Station
mark Mitaka Fire Station
mark (Tokyo Labour Bureau)
mark (National Tax Agency)
mark Fuchu Driver
mark International Christian University
mark Japan Lutheran College
mark Tokyo Woman's Christian University
mark Kyorin University
mark Asia-Africa Linguistic Institute
mark Myojo Gakuen
mark Meiji University Meiji High School&Junior High School
mark St.Margaret's Junior College
mark Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research
mark The American School In Japan
mark National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
mark National Traffic Safety and Environment laboratory
mark Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI)
mark National Maritime Research Institute
mark Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
mark Inokashira Park
mark Nogawa park
mark Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai Botanical Park
mark Japan Red Cross Musashino Hospital
mark Kyorin University Hospital

International Exchange & Cooperative Organizations

mark Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)
mark Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
mark JICA (Chikyu-Hiroba)
mark Tokyo Metropolitan Government
mark Tokyo International Communication Committee
mark Kanagawa International Foundation
mark Hyogo International Association
mark Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange
mark Niigata International Association (NIA)
mark Aichi International Association
mark Shinjuku Multicultural Plaza
mark Musashino International Association
mark meguro International Friendship Association
mark Kokubunji International Association
mark Kodaira International Friendship Association
mark Chofu International Friendship Association
mark Machida Cultural and International Exchange Foundation
mark Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation
mark Tama City International Center
mark Hino City International Frendship Association
mark Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges
mark Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communications and Exchanges
mark Nagoya International Center
mark Japan Volunteer Center


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