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Language Support

Description of Activities

Volunteers who have expert knowledge are sent to schools for those students who have transferred to the city schools from other countries. These volunteers help the students learn Japanese and assist them in their study, This is done at the request of the Mitaka School Board.

When sent, the volunteers, guardians, teachers, and all concerned meet to discuss the appropriate kind of support for the students. For those students with little knowledge of Japanese, the support focuses on primary Japanese language skills through one-on-one lessons in another classroom. Those who can understand Japanese to some extent will be sat next to the volunteer in the classroom for explanations of the teacher’s instructions etc.

This support comprises 20 hours (each "hour" lasts 45 minutes). When the school and school board deem it necessary, another twenty hours can be added. In many cases, two hours of weekly support are offered for 10 weeks (excepting school events and long vacations).

This program for the students not only serves for language language but also answers emotional needs. Accordingly, those registering as a volunteer should be qualified instructors in Japanese or have teaching certification.

Those who are interested in this activity should apply at the MISHOP office.