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Volunteer Interpretor/Translator Service

Description of Activities

Volunteer Interpretor/Translator Service This service provides interpretation and translation volunteers for internationals (foreign residents) with insufficient Japanese ability, assisting them in following procedures at the city hall, or in reading and understanding handouts at meetings for guardians in elementary or junior high schools.
Volunteers interpret and/or translate by request of the internationals. They are selected from among registered volunteers according to the language assistance requested. The volunteers discuss and coordinate their schedules with the person requesting the service.
No special knowledge is necessary for procedures at the city hall, as the information on application is available beforehand.
Translation services are assigned by the level of the language ability reported at the volunteer registration.
Those who are interested in becoming interpretation and translation volunteers should contact the MISHOP Office.
An interpretation/translation workshop is held once a year for the registered volunteers to improve their skills.
When a disaster occurs, these volunteers will support internationals by providing information and /or interpreting at the Disaster Support Program Center for Internationals or at shelters in Mitaka City.

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