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Please enter information in every * marked item. Enter either landline telephone number or cellular phone number. When possible, cellular phone number is preferred. Use either Japanese or English when entering information.

Your personal information on the application will be used only for the purpose of this event. It will be deleted when no longer necessary.

Name * (example) 国際 太郎、Taro Kokusai
Name in Kana (example) こくさい たろう
Membership Category Supporting Membership   Student Membership   Contributing Membership   Others  
Home Address * Postal Code (example) 181-0013  (Half-size)  (example) 三鷹市下連雀3-30-12 、 3-30-12 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City
Telephone Number * (example) 0422-43-7812 (Half-size)
Cell Phone Number * (example) 090-1234-5678  (Half-size)
E-Mail Address * (Half-size)
(RE-INPUT) (Half-size)
Sex * Male   Female
Nationality *
Date of Birth Year:    Month:    Day:
 (example) Year:1985  Month:12  Day:25
Occupation (School )
How did you learn of this service?

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